A common silicone soft spoon is a baby rice spoon

A common silicone soft spoon is a baby rice spoon

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Silicone soft spoon is one of the commonly used tableware for babies. In the daily eating of the baby, the soft silicone spoon plays an important role. Therefore, parents should help the baby to prepare the tool in time, and the newborn needs a soft silicone spoon.

Newborn babies need to use a soft silicone spoon, because the spoon is needed when feeding the baby. The spoon made of this material is convenient to use and safe. Don't worry about the baby's mouth, it will be uncomfortable or The situation of the injury. And when the baby needs to add complementary food for four or five months, use a soft silicone soft spoon to feed the baby, which can take good care of the baby's mouth, and will not stimulate the baby's gums, so that the baby can eat comfortably.

Silicone soft spoon for silicone baby products is a special spoon for infants and young children made of silicone and other materials. The material of silicone is odorless, colorless, harmless material, does not contain any harmful substances, and the material of silica gel Just like the skin of the human body, it is delicate and smooth. The depth of the spoon designed by the special baby silicone soft spoon is designed according to the size of the baby's mouth.


The soft silicone spoon can be boiled and sterilized with boiling water. After disinfection with boiling water, it will not leave some plastic odor. Therefore, after use, parents should clean and disinfect the spoon in time, and then clean it after cleaning. The things that are prepared for newborns usually have particularities, from the clothes they wear, to the feeding utensils, and to the skin care products used by newborns. These things are neither harmful to newborns nor protective. Some things may need to be processed first.

The soft silicone spoon used by newborns is made of silicone. Generally, this soft spoon will be soft. When the baby is using it, it will not cause irritation to the gums, nor will it affect the mucous membranes and teeth in the baby's mouth. Waiting for a bruise, the touch is very similar to the mother's skin, so when feeding the baby, there is a feeling that breast milk is better to feed.

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