How to buy a bottle

How to buy a bottle

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With a small bottle with a handle, a baby of about one year old can eat with his own bottle, but often it is not stable. This kind of bottle similar to the practice cup is specially prepared for them. Two movable handles are convenient for the baby. Hold with a small hand, you can also adjust the handle according to the posture, sitting and lying down.

Materials; there are four main types of bottles on the market: stainless steel, ceramics, PC and glass. PC, full name polycarbonate (including BPA), it is characterized by light weight, not easy to break, suitable for out and larger baby to use. However, after endurance sterilization, "endurance" is not as good as ceramic bottles and glass. Glass and ceramic bottles are more suitable for feeding your baby at home. Stainless steel is not easy to break, it is more suitable for 1-3 years old baby to hold. The bottle is divided into three sizes of 150ml, 180ml and 260ml, which can be selected according to the baby's food intake. In general, the amount of breastfeeding of a baby under one month is about 100 to 120 ml. The amount of breastfeeding for a baby over one month should be 120 to 200 ml once a day, and should be controlled at 800 to 1000 ml a day. Some babies also drink less.

When choosing a silicone baby product, first look at the transparency of the bottle. The transparency of the good bottle is very good, and the capacity and status of the milk can be clearly seen. The bottle should not have too many patterns and colors. Although the merchants say that the printing ink is safe and harmless, the potential harm can be reduced as much as possible. Secondly, the baby bottle has a high hardness. You can feel it by pinching it with your hand. Too soft material (comparatively, PP is softer than PC, PES, PPSU) will deform when exposed to high temperatures. Look at the base of the pacifier. When the baby is sucking, the lips will resist here. To this end, the design of this part of the bottle will directly affect the baby's acceptance.


Different months old babies also have different needs for the shape of the bottle. The round bottle has a smooth inner neck and a smooth fluid flow. It is suitable for feeding baby for 0 to 3 months. The curved and ring-shaped bottle is convenient for the baby's small hand to grasp. It is suitable for the baby of more than 4 months. It can satisfy the baby's desire to eat milk. At the same time, it also exercises the baby's hand-eye coordination to help the body develop. The bottle with handle is suitable for baby holding around 1 year old. A 1-year-old baby wants to hold and often does not hold. The two removable handles on the bottle are convenient for the baby's small hand to hold, and can be adjusted to match the baby sitting or lying on the breast.

The bottle has a service life. The quality of the plastic PC bottle is unstable. After using it for a period of time, the bottle will be washed and hydrolyzed, and the fog will be blurred and the milk scale will not be easily removed. Therefore, it is recommended to replace it once every six months. However, if the surface is damaged or worn, it will be replaced. The nipple is a consumable item. After long-term use, it may become hard and deteriorate. In the process of cleaning, it may also cause the nipple to become large, which may cause the baby to risk milking when drinking milk. Therefore, it is recommended to replace it in about three months. Once, but if there is damage, it will be replaced if the time is up. After cleaning the bottle, it is disinfected. The disinfection method of the baby bottle can be divided into boiling method and steam pot disinfection method.

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