How to choose the right baby tableware

How to choose the right baby tableware

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The advantage of plastic tableware is that it is not afraid of falling, and the color is bright, which can increase the interest of the baby to eat. However, some plasticizers, coloring agents, etc. will be added during the production process, and some may be toxic. Not easy to clean after use. So choose a colorless transparent or light color. Do not eat food that is too hot or too oily.

Silica tableware is easy to clean, it is not easy to breed bacteria, basically has no chemical elements, it is suitable for drinking water. Insufficient is easy to hot, not greasy food and soup. So buy products that meet national standards. Bamboo and wood tableware is a pure natural product, the texture is softer, does not hurt the baby, and the insulation effect is good. However, such tableware is not easy to clean and is prone to bacteria. Don't buy a smoother, painty surface. Want to buy natural made.

Ceramic glass tableware; such tableware is relatively safe, there is no harmful substance, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to break. Good to buy solid color ceramic tableware. Enamel tableware has less harmful substances and good heat preservation effect, but it is difficult to buy. If you can buy it, use this kind of tableware. The disadvantage is that porcelain is easy to fall off after being beaten. It can't be used for too long. It is necessary to replace it when porcelain is dropped. Baby eats by mistake.


Baby products manufacturers talk about children's eating problems, has always caused headaches for many parents, many mothers often worry about choosing dishes for their baby. For the baby to choose tableware, it is necessary to consider whether the material is safe, but also to consider whether the style is easy to hold, but also to see if the cartoon shape on the tableware is beautiful and cute, so that the baby "loves the house and the black" also falls in love with eating, choose the tableware for the baby, the material The requirements are particularly particular. Ceramic tableware is easy to clean, not hot, but the quality is heavier and easy to break; stainless steel tableware is easy to clean, chemical elements are few, but it is easy to hot, poor heat preservation; wooden tableware texture is natural and soft, but easy to breed bacteria, not easy to clean, And the surface paint composition is complex.

The silicone tableware is lighter, not easy to break, and is not afraid of scalding the child's hand. It is very convenient for the child to use when eating. At the same time, the polypropylene has good heat resistance and the material is relatively safe. Therefore, the domestically produced tableware is basically plastic tableware. The scoop handle is mostly made of polypropylene, while the scoop head is made of silicone. The tableware made of silicone is softer than the tableware made of polypropylene. It is not easy to damage the baby's delicate mouth. The silicone is tasteless and odorless compared to rubber. The texture is harder than rubber, bite resistant, and can also take soup or Paste.

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